Remove the stigma from assisted living.


Reframe getting old as a shared experience.

Getting old isn’t something any of us look forward to, for ourselves or our parents. This lack of enthusiasm extends to the prospect of moving into assisted living. The “old folks home” is where we park elderly loved ones for the last few years of their shrinking lives. To counter this gloomy reputation, the senior living category sticks to smiling pickleball players and a caregiver’s kind hand on a shoulder. But nobody buys this clichéd BS and distrust of the industry only grows. Aegis Living, an assisted living and memory care provider in WA, CA and NV, understood that rebuilding trust means breaking from tired tropes and reframing how we all think of aging. The bittersweet truth is that getting old is one of life’s few shared experiences. We begin aging the moment we’re born. And with all its ups and downs and joy and pain, aging is truly a gift. Once we accept this truth, we can replace pity and dread with empathy and respect. The “AGING IS LIFE” campaign launched with tv/video, social, radio, print, OOH and digital.