Lure Seattle skiers 6 hours past what they know to a place they’ve never heard of.


Let sad Seattle skiers let it all out.

The last two years have left passionate Washington skiers straight-up heartbroken. Crowded slopes. Parking lot land-grabs. Three-run days. The sport they love so much has lost its joy. Meanwhile, six hours away in North Idaho, Schweitzer is an uncrowded gem with 2900 acres of wide-open terrain, where the joy of skiing never died. For year two of our “Weschud Schweitzer” campaign, we stayed miles away from same-same ski porn. Instead, we hauled a chairlift from Schweitzer to Seattle’s Kerry Park and let real Seattle skiers lie down and let it all out. Twenty feet up. Skiers talked about what hurts and what they wish skiing could be like again. As it turns out, what they wish for is hiding a day’s drive away. We surrounded Chairlift Therapy with social and OOH that gave glimpses of the big weird joy that’s alive and well at Schweitzer.