Get anxious pet owners to leave their pets with a stranger. 


Let pets set their hoomans free. 

If you love your pet (you do), you hate leaving them behind. In fact, 64% of pet owners report feeling guilty being away from their pet and 54% say having a pet limits their ability to travel or even go out. Our happiness (and anxiety) is inextricably intertwined with theirs. But the reality is, when we pet parents find a loving 5-star sitter on Rover, the world’s leading online pet sitter platform, our pets have the time of their damn lives. So we can just chill the f out already. In this national campaign, we capture the pet experience from their unique, floor-up, emotionally intelligent perspective. In each pet-imagined, crudely animated film, pets reach out to their hoomans to let them know that it’s totally okay to “go do hooman things” once in a while without them. Because it totally is.