Washington skiers go where they know even if it breaks their hearts. 

The Solve:

Invite strangers to rediscover the joy of skiing.  

Skiing around Washington has become a crowded hellscape. Meanwhile, Schweitzer is a North Idaho gem with 2,900 acres of elbow room. It’s also an all-day drive from Seattle. So how do you get skiers to drive hours past what they know, to a place they can’t even pronounce? Weschud Schweitzer is an open invitation to fun-seekers willing to go a bit farther to rediscover the kid-like joy of skiing. 


Highest number
of winter visits

+47 %

web traffic

2 x

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It lets people who haven’t been here yet know that if you get and appreciate what makes Schweitzer so special, you should definitely come and visit.

– Sean Mirus, Marketing & Special Events Director at Schweitzer